Our Savanna goats and Katahdin Sheep have to travel in the field and sustain flesh on Forage.

For Sale!!  Bred Does to kid in May 2020 for $300.00.


Goats are amazing turning weeds and brush into pounds. 

We will focus on crossing Savanna Bucks with Spanish and Savanna Does which are hardy, fertile and parasite resistant.

We are creating a bigger, healthier, more disease and parastie resistant hybrid.


We kid outside on pasture and focus our farming operation with a managed rotational grazing and a Low Input grass-based system.

They recieve minimal inputs. All our animals are raised as all-natural as possible.



Herdsire FullBlood Savanna Buck BHF 656


BHF 656 was purchased from Chris Lutona Meat Goat Company in Stendal, Indiana.  He is sired by BHF Power Source.  He is proven prolific, heavy muscled and tolerates worm loads well.  His conformation is a solid all around build from head to tail.




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